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What does it all mean?

The STR model is not just an abstract set of coordinates designed to play with ideas. We are talking about reality here. It’s a coherent compendium of philosophical assumptions capable of explaining the observed world more accurately than the current paradigm does. Theoretically, it all makes sense. But what kind of universe would allow this to be true? What would be the true ontology of the R dimension? Where would all these other realities physically be? Nowadays, scientific observations only apply to the current R-plane, making it impossible to confirm (or discard) the existence of other planes. There are actually no instruments that allow us to see, let alone measure and document anything that happens in those hypothetical alternate realities. For now this is only speculation. Maybe, if the theory is correct, in the future we will be able to develop technologies capable of observing the other R-planes. There have been many new advances in science, in the fields of cosmology and quantum physics, leaning towards the creation of theories of everything requiring the existence of multiple universes, and compatible with the STR.

Theologically, the continuum gives support to the idea of a Creator. It is difficult to imagine something so complex coming to existence just by chance. We can be talking about God, but there can also be other logical explanations implying the existence of a bigger system of which our STR is just a part.

Even if the STR theory is not confirmed, believing in it has practical applications for daily life making it worthy to give it a profound though. Dr. Brian Weiss has effectively treated patients with hypnotic regressions to past lives and progressions to possible future lives. He doesn’t claim that those lives people see in their visions are necessarily real, but the fact of bringing them to mind and find in them the answers to current traumas or symptoms, are of great help for overcoming them. The exact same principle can be applied to the visualization of parallel lives and the comprehension of the impact they could have over the current one. Moreover, the ability of seeing parallel worlds is not only useful for the treatment of symptoms. If we become really good at it we are ultimately developing the skill of foreseeing realistic scenarios of “what ifs” and “what could have been”. This is a useful skill per se irrespective of the actual existence of these realities or if they are merely hypothetical. It allows us to set realistic goals and choose the right battles to fight.

Optimism and a positive attitude will help us reach those goals, again, regardless of the accuracy of the theory, thanks to the placebo and nocebo effects. In practice, to maximize these effects, focusing one’s thoughts in “moving my consciousness towards the reality I want to perceive” is easier and more effective than trying to “attract the reality I want to create”.

In sum, the STR presents a coherent theory for further discussion and investigation by theorists and scientists. In the meantime, it represents a powerful tool for a comprehending the world we are living in, and for navigating daily life with a higher level of awareness of what this is really all about.