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Souls as Paths of light


We have already understood “the STR cube” as a 5-dimensional continuum where all the possible realities (and just the possible ones) coexist for all locations in time and space. But where do we, as human observers, fit into this model? We obviously can’t see it as a whole, from the outside. If we could, we would see all the moments in time, history and future, everywhere at once and in all the possible ways everything could happen! This is just too much for our minds to process. For this reason human perception turns the temporal dimension into a linear trajectory: past> present> future. That is the only way in which we are able to perceive it: minute by minute, day by day, year by year. From our birth day to our death. There is nothing to choose in that T-axis. No going faster, slower or backwards. For us, time just moves forward in a constant manner and we follow it.


Space, on the other hand, lets us control it a little more. Subject to certain limitations, we can decide where to go. We can walk, run, swim, take a car, an airplane or a ship, and be transported through these means to another point in space. Also the rotation and translation of earth and the expansion of the galaxy and of the universe itself make us move through space without us having any control over it. But always each point we reach needs to be contiguous to the previous one. We can´t teleport from Paris to New York. To get there, we have to go through all the points in between. You can move north, south, east or west, left or right, up or down, slow or fast… but always to a location that’s contiguous to the one you were just before the movement took place. I sustain that the same happens in the R-axis of the STR continuum. Like in all three spatial dimensions, in any given moment you can choose to stay in one level of reality, or move to an adjacent one in any direction. You can’t jump to a distant reality from a day to another and wake up being the president. That would be teleportation in the R-axis, as impossible as it is in the spatial dimensions. But in the same way that in the next minute you can decide to walk to the corner of the room, you can also decide to move to another, really close, level of reality in R. Without even noticing it, we are always moving though this dimension too. Going back and forth, naturally, through the R-axis, while seeing it all as the only and one reality, unaware of this motion, and of all the realities we´re leaving behind, undiscovered and unseen.


In the STR model, then, a human soul would be a point of light describing a small trajectory inside the cube, which starts at the moment and location of their conception and ends with their death. That path goes through time in a linear manner: that is how we perceive the world. But their spatial and R-dimensional movements are determined to a large degree by their own choices, describing an irregular curve in all 5 dimensions. A small curve of light in the middle of the large cube that is the universe. That light is consciousness. A soul is a unit of consciousness perceiving a given portion of the world: the path that we choose to go through.

Can you see yourself in that enormous cube, navigating it through the path you choose as time passes, selecting where to go and what reality to see? Well, you are not alone. This is not a single-consciousness model. It is, indeed, a multi-consciousness model. This means that, like you, there are many souls out there sharing the same STR space. Millions of tiny points of light describing curved trajectories like yours! Millions and millions of conscious beings perceiving the same universe but from different perspectives. No two people can walk the same path. Everyone is experimenting it on their own, unique way.


Visualize the huge cube full of tiny points of light describing short and curvy trajectories in the direction of time. These paths are lives: being born, deciding, and dying. You can see them all at once from the outside, like little tadpoles swimming in a pond. The cube represents the whole universe, past, present and future, and in all the length of its possibilities. All the different realities that are occurring. Different stories, different endings. They are all there. And those souls, those lives, are each experimenting just a minuscule portion of it. Billions of different experiences of the same entirety. You have just visualized the Space-Time-Reality continuum in full.

As time is one of the dimensions of the cube, and you are now seeing it from the outside, as an external observer (as God would) it becomes evident that what is perceived as happening before - from the point of view of an individual - is not necessarily “before” from an objective point of view. Everything is there simultaneously, no matter when some souls decide to perceive it. This means that, if reincarnation is real (that’s to say if there is an unchanged identity between a point of light which disappears from the cube after an individual’s death, and another one which appears with another individual’s conception) there is no need that this second life postdates the first one from the internal time coordinate point of view. On the contrary, things in the past can be experienced by different souls, simultaneously, after or before things in the future, since what souls do is not creating or modifying reality from an objective perspective. Reality stays untouched. Souls, in this view, are just agents of consciousness, perceivers of the unique portion of the reality that they choose to live. Each one completely free and independent from the rest of them.


“Wait a minute!” – You must be thinking – “Does it mean that there aren’t other people who perceive the exact same reality that I do? Am I actually alone in my head?”


I am very sorry… but yes. I’m somehow implying that. But don’t freak out! This is not as lonely as it seems. In fact, as I have said, there are millions of souls just like yours, living in the same universe, although perceiving different portions of it, and you get to interact with them and influence one another every day, all the time. They might not be in your same R-coordinate, but they can be close. And that’s exactly the same that happens with the other dimensions you already know. So, if you think about it, this is not new. This is more of the same you are used to, only with one additional dimension added to it.


Think of it this way: Forget for a moment the R-axis and go back to a model in which only one level of reality exists. There is still no one in the whole world who shares your same space-time coordinates at all times. (At any time actually, since two bodies can’t occupy the exact same space at the same time) Each individual was born in different moments and places. Every day, you go to different places, and you do it alone: to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the supermarket, to your job… There’s no one who’s there with you at all times. Even if you are extremely close with someone most of the time, there are still differences: you seat at different chairs of the same table. Besides everyone looks only through their own eyes and filters what they experience through their own mindset, relying on different memories, personalities and psyches. So you are not actually living the exact same reality than anyone else. Still, you can share deep connections with people. Love is a strong force which transcends all of these differences. It can also transcend a different value of the R-axis.


The full consciousness of someone you are perceiving might not be exactly where you see it. What you see is a reflection of that person. Another possibility which they didn’t choose to see. Not because they didn’t want to, but there are so many possibilities that it’s extremely unlikely for two people to be at the same exact point in R at the same time. But if you see them saying something, or acting in a certain way, it is because it is possible for them. That’s to say: it is real. As real as the reality they are perceiving. That reality can be close or far from yours, with different consequences that we will discuss later.


Seeing things this way may make you feel a little detached from people. But let it sink, and you will see that it’s not actually that different from life as you saw it until now. Besides, discovering that you are somehow “alone in your head” opens up a new world of possibilities: You can choose the life that you want to live. You have more power over your own life than what you ever thought you had! Shifting the focus to “perceiving the reality I want” instead of “trying to change the reality that is” can greatly help you achieve your goals.