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How does a soul choose which reality to perceive?

We've repeatedly made reference to each soul somehow choosing which reality to perceive, but which are the mechanisms behind these choices? How do people choose their position on the R-axis of the STR, the one that defines which of the existing alternate realities he or she will be experiencing? Even if all the realities coexist at the same time, from an individual's point of view life can feel completely different depending on which of them they choose to perceive. Some paths can be full of joy, while others can be full of suffering. A person probably dies every day in one point or another of the R-coordinate, however most days they choose not to go through that point, until the day of their own perceived death. Directing your path to the zone of your desired reality might be your most important challenge in life. So how do we lead our R-coordinate?


The first, evident answer that comes to my mind is THROUGH YOUR CHOICES. The major choices that you make in life (like what to study, where to live and who to marry) and also the minor choices you make every day (like what time to leave the house, what route to take, and what words and body language to use when communicating a message to someone). All of those somehow have impact over which path your consciousness will take. When you willingly or unwillingly make a decision, you are taking one path, and leaving behind the rest of them. Here’s the importance of choosing wisely in life. Anyways, I have the impression that not all decisions are between real options. Sometimes we think we are choosing something, but actually it is a fake choice. There were not real alternatives. We have the illusion of choice but there are no actual realities in the STR for the option(s) that we didn’t take. For example you are driving around and see a duck in the street in front of you, and think for a moment “What if I run over it?” Then you “decide” against it, and avoid the duck. Probably, if you are a good person, there is actually no reality in which you actually killed it. It was just a thought but there is no valid value of the R-axis for that eventuality. It is not real, therefore it was not a real option. I think that many apparent decisions are not real decisions. Or at least some of the options you consider don’t have realities attached to them. When you choose your career, you are not really choosing among all the possibilities you think you are. There are probably a lot of different career paths for you in the continuum, but certainly not all of them. You might think that you have an infinite array of choices, but there is actually a limited number of choices that exist for you.


On the other hand, there are many instances in which you can be making important decisions without even noticing that you are. Alongside with straightforward choices, the R-path is also defined by less evident forces: your attitude, and your thoughts.


Having an optimist attitude is essential. If you actually believe that a positive outcome is possible and likely, it will doubtless lead you closer to your goals. Similarly, a high self-esteem will move you towards more favorable areas of the reality dimension than a low one. If you truly believe that you can achieve something, and you work for it, you will be able to direct your perception to the area of the cube where this happens, and see it become true. Your attitude towards difficulties, as well as your core beliefs, will be there permanently choosing for you the direction of your R-path. When you are feeling down and depressed you are more likely to follow a path which resonates with your state of mind, showing you realities which reinforce these feelings. Therefore, your thoughts and attitudes will have direct influence in your perceived reality since they are actually defining it. Developing a positive attitude that will effectively allow you to choose where you want to go in the STR continuum is an ability that can be learned and trained. This key ability for your perceived success in life includes the power to differentiate possible outcomes form impossible ones (be able to see what’s on the cube and what isn’t), the knowledge of what path should be taken to get there, and the conscious management of your thoughts and emotions to actually follow that path.