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LOA, and why it works only under certain conditions

The Law of Attraction (also known as LOA) is a New Thought concept that has been popularized in the 2000’s by the book and film "The secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It postulates that like thoughts attract like realities, meaning that you can influence what happens to you with your own thoughts. According to the LOA, if you want to attract happiness, health and wealth into your life you need to follow four steps:


Decide what you want to achieve and ask for it to the universe

Focus your thoughts in that goal that you want to achieve

Feel and act with gratitude and enthusiasm, as if your desire had already been granted


Be open to receive it


Personally, I have applied the LOA in my own life with a surprising degree of success. I could honestly fill a book with my own little (and not so little) Law of Attraction success stories. However, I can also share stories of some times in which I did everything that I had to do to attract some things into my life, yet they didn’t happen. Analyzing both my successes and my failures with LOA made me wonder what’s behind this phenomenon. Some of the modern proponents of the LOA claim that the effects of your thoughts over reality are due to quantum physics, but they don’t actually explain how it works. Which are the mechanisms that allow your thoughts to have actual influence over reality? Moreover, if there is only one shared reality, how would “the universe” synthetize and process the contradicting thoughts and desires of millions of conscious agents? The truth about LOA as commonly proposed by modern authors is that it is not convincingly explained or even understood. The STR brings us a coherent model of the universe which can explain us why and how the LOA really works. Like thoughts attract like realities not because they create that reality, but because that reality is already there and your thoughts help you move your consciousness to the area of the continuum where that reality occurs. For this same reason, if a reality does not exist in the continuum, you will never be able to “attract” it, which explains the reason of many failed attempts to apply the LOA and highlights the importance of developing the skill of identifying actual realities of the continuum susceptible of being perceived by you with the appropriate effort.

There is one more consideration to take into account when applying the LOA within the STR conceptual framework. We have explained that characters with their souls in them act indistinguishable from characters with only soft consciousness. However, when we interact with someone whose soul is in a plane of reality close to ours, we feel an indescribable connection to that person. The proximity of souls can be subtly noticed, and it conveys a sense of spiritual closeness that makes deep bonding between those two people possible and likely. Contrarily, when someone’s soul is really far away in the continuum, you can’t really connect with them. There’s a detachment, a feeling that you are not in the same place, even if physically you are. This is not associated to their words, their behaviors, even their role in your life. There is an invisible antenna on us that helps us determine which souls are close by, and which are far away, and we tend to build deeper relationships with those spiritually closer to us.


The problem with LOA is, that if you apply too much effort to attract realities that only you want to see, your soul will navigate towards an empty area of the STR. If you are focusing on selfish goals such as your own success in every aspect of life, and making it happen every time, through constant strong mental efforts aimed to live the continuum in your own, unique way… Who else would make the same efforts to perceive that unlikely reality which only benefits you? Probably no one. There would be no other souls near the reality that you are choosing to perceive. For this reason, you would see your goals accomplished but at the same time you would feel spiritually isolated form the people around you. Like in everyday reality, there are crowded places in the STR where most people choose to go, and other less crowded reserved for more special people. It is your choice to make. If you don’t force your way through the R-axis, you will end up living a regular life, like most people, surrounded by souls who are not making any effort either, but can keep you company. If you force it too much, you will wind up living your life your way, with apparent success but profoundly disconnected from the rest of the world. A good point of balance, I think, is to aim for a reality of common good, which other illuminated souls would also want to pursue and achieve. This way, you would discover together unexplored areas of the continuum and fulfill the superior purpose of giving consciousness to those areas. Then you just need to find them, and commune with them.