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    Space Time Reality

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    Parallel Universes

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    It's all in your mind

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    Alternate realities are interconnected

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Mariana Vernieri
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The Space-Time-Reality Continuum: A Theory of Alternate Realities that could explain the complexities of our world

The thought of parallel universes is often relegated to the realms of science fiction. Despite some astrophysicists developing intricate theories about multiverses, they don’t appear to apply to our daily life on Earth, and we don’t give them too much thought. Reality seems to be one, and only one. So we focus on it, as if there were nothing else to worry about. But what if this world is not what it seems? What if reality is actually much more complex than what we see? How would your life change if you knew that the world you perceive is just one option among many other available options, and that you see it, and not any of the others, because it is the one that you are choosing to perceive? There is a volume of evidence supporting the fact that our thoughts actually affect matter, but the mechanism behind this, and why this happens, is completely unknown. This is probably because we are seeing this all from the wrong paradigm. The “one reality” linear model currently held by most people and scientists is full of failures and paradoxes. It seems to be like that, the same way that the Earth seemed to be a plane and the other celestial bodies seemed to rotate around it. But now we know that appearances can trick us, and this can be the biggest example of it.