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    Space Time Reality

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A 5-dimensional model of realities

Imagine the universe represented as a big, black, 5-dimensional cube. In order to be able to visualize it, we need to reduce the three spatial dimensions (height, width and depth) to only one, which will be our S-axis (space). The T-axis will be obviously time, which brings us to Einstein’s model of Space-Time as a four dimensional continuum. But here I propose a fifth dimension, which I’ll call “Reality” (R-axis). This dimension is made of the different possibilities of how reality CAN BE, in a given point of space-time. I sustain that there’s not only one possibility of reality for a given (S, T) point. On the contrary, there are infinite. For the space-time point in which you are reading this right now, for example, there’s one R value for the reality you are perceiving right now. Those are your current coordinates in the model. But there are infinite other values for R in that point, in a continuum. The closest ones are realities which are almost identical to the one you’re perceiving, only with subtle differences: Your hand is in a different position, your hair is arranged differently, you’re listening to a different music, there’s a glass of water on your desk… But as you go further away on the R-axis, realities become more and more different, even unimaginable. R is not technically a dimension since variations to reality can occur in many variables at a time, but for visualization, let’s consider as if it is, the same way that we collapsed all three spatial dimensions in one coordinate (S). Possible variations in R are numerous and wide-ranging: There can be a point in which you live in a completely different place. Points in which you have another profession, or married another person. Points in which you are dead, or you weren’t even born. There can be points in which Germany won World War II, where the Indians discovered and colonized Europe, even where dinosaurs weren’t extinct. There are infinite possible realities for any given point in space-time.

This imaginary cube is called the Space-Time-Reality (STR) continuum, and it is the cube of possibilities. Everything that is possible, is there. But it’s not something theoretical, like a “what could have been” thought experiment. In this cube all the possibilities are REAL. No one is “realer” than the others. Not even the one you perceive. They are all there at the same level. They all exist and are susceptible of being perceived by conscious beings like you and me.