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    Space Time Reality

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    Parallel Universes

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    It's all in your mind

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    Alternate realities are interconnected

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    So what do YOU think?

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What is possible and what isn't?

When I say that the possibilities are infinite, I don’t mean that everything is possible. Only some things are possible. In our model, that is the same as saying that only some things exist. Others just aren’t a part of the STR continuum. To be clear about this, it’s exactly the same than me showing you a segment line and telling you “there are infinite points in segment AB”. You could be tempted to reply: “Oh, but not all the points are part of segment AB! In fact there are many more points outside of that segment than inside it”. True. But they are still infinite. A limited infinite but infinite in the end. The same happens with the realities in our cube. They are infinite but limited. For example there’s probably no possible reality in which a pink elephant comes flying in front of you right now playing the flute, or in which gravity goes upside down. There can be a reality in which I am a best-selling author, but I don’t think there can be one in which I am a tennis Olympic champion. Some connections between people are probable, but others, I’m sure, don’t exist in any possible reality whatsoever. There are people who would never fall in love with each other no matter if you go back and forth the whole R-axis, while some couples are so deeply connected that probably share together most of the points associated to their respective existences. Our imaginary STR cube is made of all the realities that are actually possible, with the rules of nature, genetics and psychology being as they are. Everything in it is reasonable and rational. An infinite number of realities exist in it, but if something you dream about doesn’t exist, if it’s not a part of the cube, there is no way you can create it. All what exists is already there and, as you will see, you can choose which one of all those realities you want to perceive in your life. But the linearity of time is only an illusion of your perception. You are only free to choose what to see amongst the existing realities. You are not free to create your own reality if it is not a part of the cube. For that reason, my model is somewhere in the middle between determinism and free will. I created it through reasoning and a thorough observation of the world around me. I’m not saying that reality is necessarily like this, but I encourage you to keep reading and reach your own conclusions. If this is true, the difference between knowing it and ignoring it can be substantial for your life.